Bus from Penang to KL

Penang – one of the smallest states in Malaysia BUT one of the highly urbanized and industrialized after Kuala Lumpur! {dont be deceived by its size =p}. . As Penang is divided into 2 parts – the island and mainland, it makes Penang a good place to chill out and explore the various heritage, architecture, people, malls, culture, happenings and many more! Besides that, Penang is also one of the pack est city after/ similar yo KL when it comes to celebration of events In Penang, festivals such as Thaipusam, Chap Goh Meh, Chinese New Year is celebrated in a very large scale!
Many people from the neighboring states will also take the opportunity in traveling here as they are seeking new experiences! Most of the travelers usually prefer to drive or take a bus down to Penang as its one of the most economical means of traveling. One can take buses from any parts of Malaysia such as bus Kedah to Penang, bus from Perlis to Penang, bus from Terengganu to Penang, bus from Pahang to Penang, bus from Johor to Penang and so on.

It will take u most to most a week if you really wish to see and experience the whole of Penang. And if your done with Penang, the next best option would be take a bus from Penang to KL! :)

Everyday, there are buses and coaches departing from Penang to KL. Few of the major bus companies that provide this 4 hours drive from Penang to KL is namely known as Newsia Express Service Centre, Konsortium Bas Ekspres (Malaysia), Plusliner, Transnasional, SuperNice and Nice! This buses will usually pick their passengers from Penang such as Sungai Nibong/Butterworth and will alight the passengers at Hentian Duta and Puduraya KL.

For your info, Puduraya bus terminal undergone a really huge renovation last year, and now its not only the largest bus terminal  but one of the most beautiful and highly equipped with air condition in Malaysia . Most of the travelers from north will usually stop at this terminal or Hentian Duta. From both the terminals, its also very easy easy to travel to your required destination as the services provided here such as taxis, public buses and lrt/monarails are really efficient and reasonable.

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Here are few pics of the buses that provides services of bus from Penang to KL:Bus from Penang to KL