NEWLY LAUNCHED KwokPing Express & JB Transliner Bus Tickets in!

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Both KwokPing Express & JB Transliner this buses will be offering daily bus services for travelers within Malaysia.

Kwok Ping Express will be offering bus services:

  • Bus from TBS KL to Skudai
  • Bus from Skudai to TBS KL
  • Bus fro  TBS KL to Larking
  • Bus from Larking to TBS KL
  • Bus from TBS KL to Johor Bharu
  • Bus from Johor Bharu to TBS KL

As for JB Transliner, there will be bus services:

  • Bus from Johor to KL
  • Bus from Johor to Klang
  • Bus from Johor to Shah Alam.